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Intermediate Conversational Chinese Daily Study Schedule


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What You'll Learn

Vocabulary / Sentences

Topic-specific vocabulary (money, love, health, family, career and more)


Challenging concepts (complements, preposition usage, passive voice and more)

Listening Comprehension

Prepare for real spoken Chinese (different accents, talking speeds, slang and more)


Understand Chinese cultural subtleties, values, modern social issues and more

What You'll ACHIEVE

Communicate with
Chinese people
on a deeper level

  • Discuss topics that deal with career, marriage, health, family
  • Talk about your personal experiences & preferences (cities you've visited, weekend plans, family background, future personal plans, hobbies, music, food)
  • Describe weather, seasons, music, people's personalities & appearances
  • Understand social norms / issues (excuses for being late, rejecting someone, living with in-laws, Chinese celebrations & holidays, splitting the bill, housing crisis, Chinese medicine)
  • Getting to know the other person (ask about their job, marital status, language abilities, their favorite kinds of food & much more)

HSK intermediate Level
(Three / four)

Students who reach an HSK level three / four can converse in Chinese on a wide range of topics and manage most communication when traveling in China.


Various courses work together to help you build a solid foundation

Core Courses

  • Intermediate Conversational Chinese

    Everything you need to learn to become conversational in Chinese within 6 months

    Watch the demo video

Supplementary courses

  • Chinese on the Street

    Practice your listening comprehension with
    authentic, unscripted Chinese dialogue.

    Watch the demo video

  • Beginner Conversational Chinese

    Everything you need to learn to become
    conversational in Chinese within 6 months

    Watch the demo video

  • Chinese Grammar

    A fun Chinese grammar book in video form

    Watch the demo video

  • Chinese Learning Tips

    Common Chinese language mistakes made by English speakers and how to correct them.

    Watch the demo video

  • Yoyo Google Hangout

    Extensive Lecture + Interactive Q&A

    Watch the demo video

Daily Tasks INCLUDE

Watch Video

Authentic Chinese Dialogue & Detailed Explanation

Authentic Chinese Dialogue

Authentic Chinese Dialogue

Watch our host Tongtong interview regular Chinese people in China discussing everyday life topics

Detailed Explanations

Detailed Explanations

Your teacher Yangyang breaks down key language points covered in the interviews

Study Lecture Notes PDFs

Review the lesson and form your own sentences using what you've learned

Listen to Audio Review MP3s

Test your listening comprehension by transcribing what you hear in pinyin

Read Dialogue Transcript

Check your transcribed pinyin against the dialogue transcript

Practice Speaking with Audio Lesson Review

Challenge yourself with language questions posed by the teacher through an interactive audio review