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Crash Course Daily Study Schedule

1-Month Crash Course
Daily Study Schedule

Designed for people who need to get the basic survival Chinese down
quickly before traveling to China
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What You'll Learn WITH the crash course


  • Chinese pinyin
  • Chinese tones

Surviving in China

  • Numbers (0-999)
  • Order food and drinks
  • Shopping and bargaining
  • Ask and give directions

Making friends with locals

  • Self Introduction
  • Basic greetings
  • Express "wants" and "likes"
  • Ask a simple question and say No

Daily Tasks to Reinforce Learning

Watch Video Tutorials

Watch short, effective video lessons in plain English

Watch Authentic Video Dialogue

Practice listening with non-scripted conversations with regular Chinese people in China

Listen to Audio Review MP3s

Practice speaking with interactive audio reviews guide by our teachers

Study Lecture Notes PDFs

Review lesson summaries on key points in English, pinyin and characters

Study Anki Flashcards

Review and increase retention rate on key vocabulary & phrases

Study Pinyin Chart

Master Mandarin pronunciations with clearly pronounced video and audio demonstrations

Read Yoyo Blog

Gain cultural insights from bloggers who have spent years living, traveling, working in China

Ask Questions

Get well thought-out answers within 24 hours from our team of qualified teachers