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Shandong, China - Sep 11, 2015

On hit Chinese reality TV show "Awesome Educator" 《我是先生》, millions of people in China tuned in as Yangyang taught two talented Yoyo Chinese students, Sinclair Cook and David DiMuzio, the characters 美 (měi), 妹 (mèi), and 媚 (mèi). Not only that, but they wowed the crowd by RAPPING and singing a Leehom Wang (王力宏, wáng lì hóng) song called "美 (měi)" in Chinese! Click here to watch.

Los Angeles, CA - August 12, 2015

While we're sometimes forced to move on from a job because of uncontrollable circumstances, we also frequently choose to carve out our own paths, leaving promising positions to find a new career that aligns with our passions and provides new challenges. Click here to read.

New York, NY - January 28, 2015

China Daily features Yoyo Chinese as a company that is overturning a common misconception that Mandarin is too difficult to learn. The article explores Yoyo Chinese's use of innovative teaching approaches and language learning tools like its video-based pinyin chart to help students learn quickly and more efficiently. Click here to read about it.

New York, NY-January 15, 2015
Yoyo Chinese Founder and CEO, Yangyang Cheng featured in Times Square announcing company milestone for teaching 7 million Mandarin lessons to students worldwide.
New York, NY-December 5, 2014

Public School Review quotes Yangyang Cheng on the benefits of learning foreign languages and its positive effects on developing students' cognitive abilities. Click here to read the article.

Los Angeles, CA-October 29, 2014

Yoyo Chinese announces its students have taken 7 million lessons from its company's Mandarin instruction videos. Click here to read more about it.

Beijing, China-October 27, 2014

The article, "A Life with Impact", highlights the stages of Yangyang's life as a teacher, a TV show host, and an entrepreneur on a single mission to bridge the East and West through language and culture with her Mandarin learning company, Yoyo Chinese. Click here to read the article.

Los Angeles, CA-October 11

Phoenix TV airs a series centered around Yangyang's life. The series examines how her past as an educator and TV show host has helped her build one of the leading online language education companies, Yoyo Chinese. Phoenix TV is a Hong Kong based broadcaster covering over 150 countries and regions with an estimated audience of 300 million. Click here to watch the series.

India-September 17, 2014

Yangyang Cheng, Founder and CEO of Yoyo Chinese, appears on the Discovery network show "Oh My Buddha". Using her experience in Chinese language education, Yangyang explores the cultural and linguistic similarities between India and China.

Episode 1 (India in China)
Episode 2 (China in India)

Beijing, China-May 22, 2014

The World of Chinese Magazine interviews Yangyang about her language learning company, Yoyo Chinese, and the teaching philosophy behind it. Click here to read the interview.

Los Angeles, CA-May 7, 2014

Titled "Top 10 Mistakes Made by Chinese Learners and Tips on How to Correct Them", the e-book is the first of the "Learn Chinese with Yangyang Series". Drawn from years of Yangyang's Mandarin teaching experience, the e-book provides Chinese language learners with valuable language learning insights. (ASIN: B00JH0F4R8) Click here to see the e-book on Amazon.

Beijing, China-November 16, 2011

In its English issue, the Women of China Magazine interviews Founder and CEO of Yoyo Chinese, Yangyang Cheng, where she explains how her role as an educator and TV show host has given her the skills she needed to establish her Chinese language learning company. Click here to read the article.

Los Angeles, CA-August 23, 2011

 Global Times' article, "Hollywood Parlance", explores Yangyang's career as a TV host and field reporter for Hello! Hollywood, the Chinese version of the U.S.'s Entertainment Tonight. Yangyang's background teaching English to Chinese students gave her the skills she needs to bring Western culture to hundreds of millions of viewers across more than 50 channels in China and the U.S. Click  here  to read the article.