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About Us

About YOYO Chinese

Yoyo Chinese is an online Chinese language education company focused on using clearly-explained video lessons to teach Chinese to students from all over the world.

YOYO Chinese mission

Connecting the world with everything Chinese.

YOYO Chinese timeline

Where We Started

In 2007, armed with nothing but an obsession for teaching and the Chinese language, Yoyo Chinese founder Yangyang Cheng posted her first Mandarin lesson on Youtube. The video later went viral, sparking the idea for YoyoChinese.

Where we are now

With 8 million lessons delivered to over 120,000 students worldwide, Yoyo Chinese is debunking the myth that Chinese is too difficult to learn, one lesson at a time.

Where We're Going

We're on our to becoming the central hub that connects the world with everything Chinese. Whether it's kung fu or kung pao chicken, if it's Chinese, it's happening here at Yoyo Chinese.

Our Culture


At Yoyo Chinese, we do things a bit differently: We question tradition and challenge status quos.

As the first language company to use video lessons to teach Chinese, we'll continue to be the first in just about everything we do.

True Value

We make sure our students truly benefit from what we offer.

At the end of the day, it's not about sales numbers and benchmarks. It's about our students' language goals, how we get them there, and the lives we transform along the way.

Personal Growth

A great product comes from happy, well-balanced minds.

To that end, we invest in our team's personal growth: We encourage each person to hone their individuality and step out of their comfort zones so they can bring different perspectives into the creative process.

Yoyo Chinese Team

Yoyo Chinese: her first true love
Academic Director
Human Wikipedia for Chinese language and culture
Product Manager
Lifelong Chinese language learner & e-learning enthusiast
A voice of reason and dreamer of code
Course Designer
Has the toughest job in the world: teaching her 3 year old son Chinese
Course Designer
Chinese teacher by day. Rock & roll star by night.
Jing Yi
Designer / Video Editor
Official video/website beautifier
Past, present, and future student support
Swiss army knife
Zhao Tong
Talented conversationalist and skilled icebreaker
Music Genius
Synthesizer of hip hop music & language education
Web developer
Full time logician
Visionary and PR extraordinaire
Yoyo Chinese Mascot
Professional food beggar / furball