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EdTech Startup
Perfect for those who love both education and technology
Fast Growth
Founded in 2012, we have been tripling in size year after year
Industry Size
Over 100 million students learning Chinese worldwide and the number is growing


Focus on Quality
Creating and supporting the best products is our goal, so only A players need apply.
Growth & Individuality
Everyone has their own mutant power. And we help find and foster it.
Open & Friendly
We talk, share, and laugh a lot. Work is intense and challenging, but our working environment is open and supportive.

We are good to our people

We offer the following:
  • Health insurance for you and your family
  • Result-based incentive plans
  • Lots of training opportunities
  • Pets-friendly work environment
  • Open and constructive work environment
  • Lots of perks: monthly team lunches, healthy snacks around
we are hiring

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Digital Marketing Manager


  • 3+ years of digital marketing experience

  • Basic understanding of the Chinese language is a must

  • Native English speaker

  • Outstanding writing skills

  • Obsessed with data

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills

  • Strong project management and organization skills

It’s a plus if you have:

  • Business model/monetization economy design experience

  • UI/UX experience


  • Traffic: Form strategies that will substantially increase traffic, company visibility, and opportunities for customer acquisition

  • Conversion: Using metrics and data drawn from our internal CRM system, Google Analytics, social media site backend to form strategies to improve conversion rates at all stages of our sales funnel

  • Branding: Work with social media manager on social media and content strategies. Oversee activities across different social media platforms, blogs, and email newsletters

  • Team building: Cultivate a marketing "dream team" any company would be jealous of. Educate and mentor the marketing team on best marketing practices.

  • Strategy: Work with company CEO in building a scalable company operating system in areas of customer service and human resources, build an overall company growth strategy and business model
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Academic Supervisor


  • Native Chinese speaker

  • 3+ years of Chinese teaching experience

  • Native level command of the English language

  • Creative/fun/forward-thinking Chinese teaching philosophy and approach, able to demonstrate the track record of developing engaging study/practice materials and quizzes

  • Excellent writing skills

It’s a plus if you have:

  • Product design experience

  • Experience of adding gamification elements to education

  • Study materials/textbook design experience

  • Graphic design skills

  • Multimedia creating skills (videos / audios)

  • Strong connections with other Chinese teachers


  • Work with the native English speaking course designers to design new Yoyo Chinese courses

  • Supervise the accuracy of course materials

  • Develop more practice and quiz materials for the existing Yoyo Chinese content

  • Connect with the Chinese teacher community, provide free training and quality materials to them

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Academic Designer


  • Native English speaker

  • Advanced level of fluency in spoken Chinese

  • Advanced level of Chinese character recognition ability (preferably simplified Chinese)

  • Passionate about creating innovative and fun courses for students learning Chinese

  • Has developed his/her own effective system of learning Chinese

  • Excellent writing skills

It’s a plus if you have:

  • Product design experience

  • Experience of adding gamification elements to education

  • Graphic design skills

  • Learned Chinese through a self-study program

  • Experience with academic curriculum development

  • Experience with video/audio production


  • Brainstorm with the academic development team to develop course structure and outline

  • Write scripts for each lesson in English

  • Assist academic director to design homework, practice material, quizzes, and additional tools for each lesson to help students reinforce what they've learned

  • Assist academic director to answer questions by the students in the comment section of the website and in other social media platforms
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Academic Assistant


  • Fluent in Mandarin Chinese

  • Outstanding English/Chinese writing skills

  • Obsessed with details

  • Passionate about Chinese language and culture

It’s a plus if you

  • Speak standard Mandarin Chinese without an accent

  • Familiar with editing different media formats: videos, audios

  • Have an education background


  • Organize course materials and content in different formats (e.g. Anki flashcards, excel, website database)

  • edit and proofread existing curriculum content

  • record and edit audios to supplement blogs and other forms of content
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You are welcome to apply if you are

  • Fluent in both English and Chinese

  • A Fast learner

  • Willing to grow and become your best self every single day

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Customer Service Marketing Assistant


  • Native English level (spoken and written)

  • Basic Chinese speaking and writing skills

  • Unrivaled passion and enthusiasm for Chinese language learning. We love help people learn Chinese - and we hope you do too.

  • Previous customer service and/or assistant experience

  • Human resources experience (payroll, HR best practices, etc.)

  • Extremely detail oriented

  • Bubbly and super friendly personality: e.g. people can hear you smile on the phone.

  • Team player: you love supporting your team members, and take pride when the group succeeds

  • Lots of patience: some of our customers can be demanding!

  • Smart, hardworking and diligent multitasker (Have you watched “The Devil Wears Prada”? Aim for the the heroine’s level of competency, while knowing that the people you work with are angels.) ^_^

  • Know how to keep a secret. (Since you’ll be dealing with sensitive company information, the ability to keep confidential information private is extremely important).

  • Outstanding organization skills: You hate messiness and disorganization. You voluntarily sort your friends’ socks drawer because seeing things organized makes you happy.

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office and Google Apps.

It’s a plus if you have:

  • Experience with design-related software: Photoshop, inDesign

  • Experience with Google Analytics, email campaigns, and/or experience managing social media 

  • Experience with video/audio production: basic video/audio editing


Customer Service:

  • Respond to customer service emails

  • Communicate with customers on our website’s live chat feature

  • Monitor and respond to customer service-related questions on various social media

  • Answer customer service phone calls

Office Administration:

  • Daily office operations (checking mail, dealing with our vendors/visitors, shopping for office snacks)

  • Manage and systematize company’s monthly, quarterly, and yearly expenses (rent, health care, taxes, license renewals, etc)

  • Keep all online accounts and payment methods up to date

  • Assist the company CEO with scheduling, general correspondence, and other company and personal matters

  • Troubleshoot any payroll, benefits, or vendor issues as they come up.

  • Basic bookkeeping, file organizing, and other office organization-related matters

  • Organize company-level activities

If you're interested, please fill out the survey found here first, then complete your application by clicking "Apply" below.

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Blog Writer

Are you an engaging blogger interested in sharing your Chinese language and cultural experience with over 100,000 Yoyo Chinese students?


If you meet the requirements listed below, and you're a super cool person, audition for the part by filling out the survey at the end of this job post!



  • Native English speaker
  • Extensive experience studying and learning Mandarin Chinese
  • Extensive experience living in China and interacting with Chinese people
  • Punctual with deadlines
  • Basic knowledge of SEO best practices
    • Super important - but if you don't, you're excited to learn
  • Casual, conversational writing style
    • Stiff, corporate writing is a big no-no on our blog
  • Amazing storytelling ability that draw readers in
  • Able to use personal experiences for storytelling and real examples
  • A desire to build a community of followers


  • Create 2-4 engaging blog posts on a tight monthly workflow schedule
  • During the on-boarding process, familiarize yourself with our reader demographics, our blog rules, and our SEO policy for each blog article
  • Engage with readers in the comments section of your blog article (or other writers' articles if you really want to impress us)

If that all sounds good to you, and you fit the bill, please fill out the survey found here.

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Our Office

324 E Foothill Blvd, Ste 204, Arcadia CA 91006
(30 minutes from downtown, 30 minutes from Hollywood, 1 hour from Westside, 5 minutes from Pasadena)